Parent and Community Group Meeting Parent and Community Group Meeting

Parent and Community Forum

Court Fields School established a Parent and Community Forum (otherwise known as a PTA, you may know from Primary school’s) at the beginning of 2024. A Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is an organization that brings together parents, teachers, school staff and members of the community to collaborate on promoting the educational and social well-being of students. Its primary purpose is to foster a strong partnership between families and schools, creating a supportive community where parents can engage in their children's education and teachers can receive additional resources, grants, fundraising and support for key areas of need within the school. The Parent and community group will be organizing events, fundraisers, and volunteer activities to enhance the school environment, advocate for educational needs, and provide a forum for discussing school-related issues. By strengthening communication and cooperation, the groups aim to improve educational outcomes and build a positive school culture. 



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