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Preparing our students for their ambitious future.

Why have we made changes? The world around us is changing faster than we could have ever imagined.  Therefore, to ensure our students are supported in their development into happy and healthy young adults, we have restructured and improved our former personal development program. 

What is the programme? The programme is taught using three key themes, all highly relevant and vitally important to todays’ society and the needs of each individual student. The programme also meets the requirements of the Government’s changes to the teaching of sex and relationships education (statutory from September 2020). We have developed topics to reflect current issues and students’ needs, to more effectively support our students.

  • Health and Wellbeing – covering a wide range of physical and emotional topics, for example social anxiety, tattoos and piercing, vaping and smoking and mindfulness.
  • Living in the Wider World – economics and careers are covered here, as well as daily life. A few examples of topics are internet safety, employment, and teens and the media.
  • RSE – Relationship and sex education. This also covers British Values and Citizenship topics. Examples are – Body image and the media, what is consent and how do extremists attract members.

We have updated our teaching materials to ensure the best quality and consistency of experience.  All resources have been approved by the PSHE Association and are excellent in quality, relevance and interest.  The programme responds to our updated PSHCE Policy, and the feedback from our consultation with parents, staff and students.  For a comprehensive overview of each Year Group and each term’s teaching topics please scroll down.

When is it taught and how is it delivered? PSHCE is a timetabled lesson which takes place each Wednesday morning.  Lessons are delivered by specialised tutors to their tutees. This approach ensures that all students are comfortable and supported, particularly with more sensitive topics, a key element of our feedback from students. The themes remain consistent throughout the 5 years from Year 7 to 11, with the content within the theme varied and appropriate for each students’ age group.  PSHCE fits within our wider SMSC & Pastoral programme, delivered through assemblies, tutorial sessions, cross curricular learning and enrichment.

What are the aims? Within PSHCE our aim is to educate and develop the whole child using a consistent and comprehensive whole school approach.  Our SMSC & Pastoral Programme will mirror the PSHCE topics to ensure breadth and depth, and to allow students to link and revisit learning to effectively support their preparation for adulthood.

What are the changes in the law with regards to RSE (Relationships & Sex Education) and how will this be taught? The statutory guidance has changed and students must by law receive RSE in schools.  At Court Fields students will have sessions on Relationships & Sex Education as part of the new PSHCE program. The more specialised learning, for example contraception, will be taught as a series of ‘collapsed’ timetable sessions throughout the year. This will be delivered by a small team of specialist staff to small groups of students to ensure effective learning and support for students.

PSHCE Whole Year Overview – the table shows the topics students will cover. Please note the order of study may be subject to change, as very often an important current topic needs to be quickly added to ensure the comprehensive and relevant high quality learning for our students is maintained.

PSHCE Autumn Term 1 Lesson topics – Health and Wellbeing

We will be alternating between Emotional wellbeing and Health focussed lessons in Autumn1.

Self Care is about the things we can do to look after our own mental health