Court Fields School – House Cup

Mr D Williams – Enrichment and Participation Lead

The House Cup for the academic year 2022-2023 was impressively contested by students and staff members of Monument, Duke and Blackdown Houses. Our inspirational Heads of House deserve tremendous credit for their unswerving creativity and positive mind sets. Mr Waterton, Miss Clarke and Mrs Bradshaw delivered fantastic assemblies during each term with infectious energy and consistent encouragement for their students. Tutors and staff across the school helped individuals to take risks and leave the safety of comfort zones in the pursuit of wonderful new experiences in faculty challenges and House competitions. Our students gathered both friendly and competitive experiences and opinions, while trying to earn valuable participation points, in an incredible variety of enrichment opportunities provided by our outstanding staff members at Court Fields School.

The students from all year groups competed impeccably through the year, with the overall House Cup lead changing hands on several occasions, with house teams demonstrating the essential qualities that combine to encompass our school ethos achieve, belong and participate.

Once the final points were collated and the calculations were done, Blackdown House emerged victorious and lifted the House Cup in triumph. Miss Clarke and her successful Blackdown House students, will enjoy a special celebration later this term to commemorate their achievement.

Mr Waterton – Head of Duke House

In Duke house we are looking forward to another fantastic year of participating and achieving at Court Fields School. Coming off the back of a tremendous first year, we managed to win the Sports day trophy and managed to clinch 2nd place in the House Cup due to the houses low amount of S numbers across the year!

We saw a vast array of achievements from last year and some personal highlights for me was the feeling of comradery at Sports Day in which every member either competed in or cheered on the events, which was fantastic to see.

One of our standout performers from last year was Lily-May C who managed to secure the highest number of positives for the house and a huge amount of participation points. Looking forward to this year, our focus will be on encouraging as many students as we can to participate in the vast array of house competitions, we have to ensure we secure the house trophy this year!

Miss Clarke – Head of Blackdown house

Blackdown house have had an incredible year: we are ecstatic to have won the House Cup, and I would like to thank every single member of Blackdown House for the ambition and motivation you showed last year. Whilst on Sports Day we had to settle for silver, there were some stand-out performances from some of our Year 10s, including Micky N’s impressive 300m victory, and Chelsea M’s incredible last leg in the relay. Blackdown house were victorious again in December, when Ollie S won the Fun Run.

Away from sporting arenas, I have been impressed with the leadership that Josh F has shown in Bug Club, and Luca C’s and Summer B’s determination to try as many clubs as they can! Our House Ethos is to be respectful, positive and inclusive: many of our students show these values on a daily basis, smiling as they enter classes and offering support to other students. Our victory was achieved not through excelling in one area alone, but in contributing to a positive school environment throughout the year. I can’t wait to see what everyone gets involved in this year!

Miss Hunt – Head of Monument house

I was encouraged by many of my colleagues to apply for the Head of Monument House and delighted to be offered the opportunity.  Orange is my favourite colour and I look forward to wearing my orange hoodie with pride.   Here's to a great year for Monument House during which I will be encouraging students to actively participate in all that Court Fields has to offer, as not only will that be awarded with house points for Monument but looks great on students CVs.

Monument house had a fantastic year last year and were at the top of the leader board for behaviour points for most of the year. There were so many students actively participating in the CFS Experience that increased our chances of winning the cup but we were just pipped to the post overall by Blackdown House! 

The colour orange, for Monument, represents energy, vitality, excitement and adventure. Those year 7's on camp will be rewarded for all of these characteristics and those staying behind, won't be left out. We can win the house cup by being positive in all areas around the school; being kind, polite, and keeping in mind the Achieve, Belong and Participate ethos of Court Field's School. 

A huge thank you to all of those students who helped push Monument last year, especially Rebecca W, Alliesha R and Esmeralda A for being among the top house point achievers.  Bring on a year of success and many house points.


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