Our Court Fields Experience


All our students will experience a wide variety of enriching activities, character education and personal development over their 5 years at Court Fields. From September 2022 we will be referring to our personal development as The Court Fields Experience. It is vital we prepare our students to be active learners and confident to face the wider world during their lives.

As part of our Court Fields Experience all students will learn across the following aspects of their personal development during their 5 years with us. These aspects will help develop the characteristics of Court Fields students as defined through our students and staff in the feedback form.

  • Careers Advice & Guidance
  • Character Education
  • RSE
  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Extra Curricular and Wider Enrichment
  • British Values
  • Citizenship
  • Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education 



Characteristics of Court Fields Students


The characteristics that we develop in our students, so that they leave us equipped for success in their future, are supported by our Court Fields Experience. They enable our students to Achieve, Belong and Participate.

Achieve Symbol 2

I achieve because I am:

 þ Ambitious       þ Inquisitive         þ Reflective         þ Resilient

Belong Symbol 2

I belong because I have:

 þ Courage         þ Empathy           þ Integrity             þ Listening Skills

Participate Symbol

I participate because I demonstrate:

 þ Initiative          þ Leadership       þ Motivation        þ Teamwork

Personal Development Overview


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