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Staff Details

Staff emails end with the domain.

N Stephenson (nstephenson@) - Head of Maths 

A Harrison (aharrison@) - Second in Maths 

E Hutchinson (ehutchinson@) - Assistant Head (Disadvantaged) - Maths Teacher 

V Ware (vware@) - Maths Teacher 

R Hunt (rhunt@) - Maths Teacher 

L Alge (lalge@) - Maths Teacher 

K Minifie (kminifie@) - Maths Teacher 

Hegarty Maths

Hegarty Maths is a fantastic online software that allows pupils to practice maths from home, at school or even on holiday. All you need is the internet and a device (laptop, computer, tablet, mobile phone) to access it. The Hegarty Maths website has videos and quizzes for the majority of the secondary maths curriculum. The videos ‘teach’ a topic area, which is followed by a quiz to assess student understanding. The website will mark the answers to the quiz as the students’ progress through the exercise and students are able to flag any problem/ questions to discuss with their teacher.

As part of weekly Maths homework, all pupils are required to watch a video on Hegarty Maths on a particular topic area, as directed by their teacher and to make some notes. This forms part of the ‘flipped learning’ pupils are expected to do each week, where they will make ‘flipped learning notes’ on a topic before that lesson is taught in class. The notes give pupils some prior understanding of lesson content before the lesson is taught in the classroom and these notes are to be handed in to the class teacher on homework submission day. An example of the template for the flipped learning notes is below and ensures that pupils have at least two mathematical examples to refer back to, to assist them and as a point of reference. Once the flipped learning notes are completed, pupils are then asked to do the quiz on Hegarty Maths.

All students are expected to spend 30 minutes on Maths homework per week. Teachers are able to monitor how the pupils are doing with their Hegarty Maths tasks (they can see how long pupils have spent watching the assigned video, how long they spent answering questions on the quiz and how they performed in the quiz) alongside identifying if there were any questions in particular which posed any difficulty.

The link below will answer lots of FAQs for parents

Here is a link to a home support guide


Logging on:

Visit the site:

To log on, students need to use their first name, last name and date of birth. If this is the first time visiting the site, students will be prompted to create their own password. Only the student will know this password. If they forget it, they will have to ask their teacher to reset it. Click on ‘Existing Users’ then ‘Student Log in’.


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