PD (personal development) is an exciting program which is completely unique to Court Fields School. The programme is taught through a number of themes detailed below and is a timetabled lesson delivered each Wednesday morning. The course is delivered by a specialist team of teaching staff. The themes remain the same throughout the 5 years, the content within the theme is varied and appropriate for each students’ age group. This gives the students’ a drip feed approach and ensures each child has that consistent development throughout their time at Court Fields School. Within PD our aim is to educate the whole child. For a copy of the leaflet please click here.


Personal Social Health and Economics as well as SMSC – Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural strands are also delivered throughout the PD course.


British Values
British Values covers The Law and Legal Issues, Parliament and Voting, as well as Citizenship skills. Students are also taught how to become a valued part of the community and how to be Respectful. The Prevent programme which raises awareness of Radicalisation and Extremism is also delivered through this module. Click for Poster

Preferred Futures
This has two elements, Careers and Finance. The Careers lessons teach children to prepare for later life. They do this by exploring the opportunities available to them whilst here at Court Fields and also beyond secondary school. We also prepare them for their own Working Life. The Finance element teaches children all things Monetary, from Basic Bank Accounts right through to deductions from Wages, Mortgages and Costs of running a home. 

Keeping Safe 
Many topics are covered within keeping safe from Basic Road safety awareness all the way through to Emergency First Aid. E-safety is covered extensively throughout the keeping safe modules. Decisions and consequences are themes evident in these modules.

Healthy Mind and Body
Healthy Mind and Body encompasses feelings and well-being. Topics range from healthy diet and exercise through to Meditation and Mindfulness techniques to help with exam stress. Choices and Life style are also covered extensively in these strands. Collapsed Enrichment PD session Once every rotation we have a whole school PD session which is based on current topics which are important to our young people and their development. For example October half term we had a mental health awareness day which was hugely successful. Year 11 for the next half term collapsed day will do a session on PPE revision and the importance of a high quality revision timetable.