Like to Connect with Court Fields School?

We are looking for local employers who would like to help our students build a better understanding of the local job market and what to expect in the world of work.  Could you offer a virtual assembly?  Possibly a virtual or onsite visit or demonstration of what you do?  Maybe you would be able to support some of our students with workplace mentoring or experience of a workplace.  If you feel you have the capacity to support some of our students please do get in touch!

Linking careers to the curriculum

This is a great way for students to understand the relevance of the subject.  Some employers have delivered a one-hour session to students.  The timings of these are discussed with the subject teachers.

Work Experience / Volunteering

Would you be able to support a student undertaken a week of Work Experience or volunteer at your business?

Please contact Charity Hunt, Career Advisor email  if you would like to get involved with our careers programme.

I look forward to hearing from you.