Equality & Diversity @ Court Fields

Individuals take responsibility for their behaviours and actions and are taught very clearly, what is right and wrong, sitting under our equality focus of #BeKind. We proudly celebrate diversity, rather than have tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. We use tolerance to describe what we do not accept at Court Fields: 

  • We do not tolerate abuse, discrimination or harm. Students have the knowledge of how to behave considerately towards others, with particular understanding of protected characteristics and why these are important.
  • British Values and protected characteristics taught within PSHCE, Court Fields Experience, World Views and History explicitly and are key themes within assemblies and tutor time. 
  • Students have the knowledge to make good moral decisions and are empowered to call out others who break rules
  • The school culture is one of a shared and collective responsibility.
  • Important messages are disseminated through assemblies programme 
  • PSHCE, SMSC, citizenship, equality and diversity curriculum opportunities are explicitly planned and mapped
  • Students who make mistakes and need more support work through targeted programmes, addressing the cause and reflecting on not repeating the issue.
  • We strive to ensure that students leave Court Fields with a good understanding of British values, of democracy, rule of law individual liberty, respect and tolerance.
  • Through the meticulously planned personal development programme, meaningful tutor time, PSHCE sessions and assemblies, we support students to understand current affairs beyond their local area
  • We support our students in appreciating diversity, recognising different religions, races, beliefs, and lifestyles. 
  • We guide students to live healthy lifestyles, both physically and mentally, providing them with age-appropriate guidance on the importance of physical activity, diet, financial responsibility, alcohol, 16 drugs and e-safety.
  • Adults model positive behaviour to support our students to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society.
  • Democracy, We ensure students are aware of their democratic rights at an age-appropriate level so when they leave us they have an understanding of democracy, government and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. We ensure these topics fit in with our weekly themes used in assemblies.
  • Examples of themes include Democracy, Black history and Keeping Safe Online


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