Character Education @ Court Fields

We believe that character education is best taught through whole school expectations, ethos and culture, alongside planned curricular opportunities, that all students will experience universally. There are targeted and optional opportunities running alongside the universal provision of tutor time. Using studies of EEF and the Cabinet Office we want to ensure our students are taught and nurtured to demonstrate: 

  • High self-belief
  • High motivation
  • Good self-control
  • Robust coping skills 

From the research we know that students who are able to demonstrate the above, have more persistence, resilience, are driven internally and not just by reward and achieve greater attainment levels and progress. In order to support the character development of our students we use all aspects of the curriculum to develop a sense of pride, belonging and identity for each student. We are clear on the importance of good behaviour and the impact this can have on learning. We promote respect toward self, others and the environment via our #BeKind motto and students being the best they can be. 

We have developed our curriculum to include cultural capital and application of pedagogy to ensure students have a sense of progress and growth in confidence in their own ability. Students are provided with a variety of enrichment as well as our extra-curricular programme, which provides a vast array of opportunities and has something for everyone. 2022 saw the return of DofE following covid and continued opportunities from NCS. 

From research, we know student participation in these extra opportunities outside the classroom help to develop ones character and to be successful in the wider world.


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