Catch up

Until 2020 schools received literacy and numeracy catch-up premium payments to support all students who did not achieve the expected standard in reading or maths by the end of KS2. Following the COVID-19 epidemic, the government removed year 7 catch-up premium funding in favour of a Coronavirus catch up premium which has been used to ensure that those students who have fallen behind due to the school closures are enabled to catch up.

At Court Fields, our aim is to always to deliver the highest quality teaching by personalising our approach for every student, every lesson, and every day.  We invest significantly in staff training both internally and externally to enhance our practice to secure the best outcomes for all students. 

We tailor our curriculum, our teaching, and our approach to meet the needs of all students with clear targeting and funding allocated to those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and those who need to catch up quickly when they join Court Fields. For details of how the catch-up premium and Coronavirus catch-up premium have been spent, including the impact of this spending, please see the attached report. 

For the 2021/22 academic year, schools received funding for 1:1 and 1:3 tutoring to further support students who need to catch up following school closures earlier in their academic careers. To ensure that students gain maximum benefit from these tutoring sessions, we chose to use the school-led tutoring route to ensure students already had a positive working relationship with their tutors. 

Tutoring sessions are still underway for this academic year. Over 120 students have received tutoring in EBACC subjects across years 7 to 11. We will report on the impact of this tutoring in September 2022. 


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