Leavers’ Hoodies

The Year 11 leavers’ hoodies will be available to purchase in a range of colours with the school logo on the front and a leavers’ design on the back.  As part of our system of allowing Year 11 to earn privileges, they will have the opportunity to wear their hoodies in school, instead of their black jumper/blazer.

The cost will be £19.80.  If you would like to purchase a hoodie, please can you forward all money and details of size, colour and name to the school finance office before Friday 19th March 2021.

Mrs Matthews has agreed that, as part of their privileges, for the first time students will be able to wear hoodies in school after the February Half Term. This will, of course be dependent on them sustaining the improvements that we have seen recently in behaviour, attitude and effort. Please note that students will be expected to wear a school shirt and tie underneath their hoody.

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