Last Friday 45 students from the House were invited to attend a celebration breakfast. Collectively each student has achieved an average effort in excess of a score of 4 or put another way: at least very good effort in almost all subjects. The celebration gave Mr Smith a great opportunity to talk with this impressive group of students. A great way to start a Friday morning!

Year 7: William Butterfield, Emily Cartwright, Georgina Coupe, Sophie Dunstan, Annika Freeman, Eva Gibson-Patel, Jodie Higgs, Ellie Jones, Jonty Ogilve, Jonah Paxton, Andrew Power, Elizabeth Rayment, Oliver Rogers, Riley Sellick, Alana Tanton, Sophie Taylor, Maya Thompson-Gardiner, Ethan Wadham, Jacob Ware

Year 8: Charlotte Ball, Jayde Bedford, Amelia Bowler, Jake Broklehurst, Charlotte Buttle, Connor Cole, Kitty Debieux, Jamie Garnett, Starla Haines, Emily Hayes, Ben Howley, Emily Johnson, Sophia Morgan, Harry Radford, lauren Robinson,
Kaitlin Scott, Lillie Taylor

Year 9: Libby Aldridge, George Barber, Christopher Coupe, Aaron Filler, Amber Higgs, Emily Lanigan, Kaylen Maidment, Georgia Sellick, Anna Skubisz