The School Allotment can be found in the Basins area by the Sports Centre. The students of Court Fields have a large plot alongside established and experienced allotment users. A timetabled session of 2 hours for the AFA Students is built into our weekly schedule. The AFA Base staff in conjunction with the SEN Team carefully identifies students who will benefit from this valuable intervention.

The allotment offers an exciting opportunity for students to use a range of equipment. We promote key attributes such as resilience, teamwork, communication skills, being resourceful, cooperation and confidence building. Each student will rotate from a range of activities along with being given certain responsibilities around the plot.

The allotment has 4 large growing areas, multiple pots for planting, huge water butt, apple tree, pear tree, shed with guttering to the water butt and a range of fencing to reduce pest damage to the harvest we aim to produce.

Students, staff and parents will enjoy the fruits of our labour with a full complement of fruit, vegetables and herbs. We actively encourage our parents to offer their skills at the allotment and if you are interested in supporting at any point or in any form then please do contact Mr Selway on 01823 664201.