This year Court Fields are working with the SHARE Project. The SHARE Project have been commissioned to improve the mental health and emotional well-being of our young people in Secondary and Middle* Schools in Somerset. We want to change our culture by breaking down the stigma of mental health issues, and by helping our young people become more resilient so they are better equipped to understand and manage their emotions and behaviour.

SHARE will do this by involving everyone in schools – teaching professionals, young people and parents, volunteers and support staff – and provide them the tools and resources to help recognise, manage and sustain good mental health and emotional well-being.

The SHARE Team are recruiting Wellbeing Champions to promote Wellbeing and good Mental Health throughout Court Fields School. Students have already been volunteering, and we are asking any parents, students and staff interested in taking part to get in touch with us by emailing our SHARE Project Worker John Grundy on [email protected]

The Wellbeing Champions will undertake 3 hour training with SHARE on aspects including Wellbeing & Self-Care, Listening & Empathy, Communication, Resilience & Sources of Support. The Champions will be expected to meet regularly to review areas of priority that they wish to develop around the school and ensure they are sharing their learning through assemblies, meetings, information boards, activities etc. You will also receive termly supervision from SHARE Project Workers to upskill you and provide you with new resources. If you would like to find out more about the SHARE project please visit and/or follow their twitter page @somparshare