Mission Statement

The AFA Base is a bespoke space designed to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for students who have found it difficult to fully access the mainstream curriculum. The AFA Base is accessed by small timetabled groups as well as individual students who can be referred in by Heads of Faculty and House for short term support in individual subjects. The emphasis in the room is on developing self-esteem and establishing positive relationships with students so that they are able to progress with their learning and transition back into their mainstream lessons. We have a range of resources for students to use as well as a sofa and tropical fish tank to support the calm environment.

For a very small number of students who are unable to work within the AFA Base, we have our AFA Extension room where the focus is on small episodes of learning combined with other activities to develop resilience, motivation and self esteem.

The AFA Base Staff:

Mrs Nicola Anstice – AFA Base Co-ordinator and SEN Teacher

Mr John Myers – AFA Extension Room Lead

Mrs Sarah Hoban – SEMH (Social Emotional and Mental Health) Lead Teaching Assistant