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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you’re well on this chilly Monday, as we start our 4th week of Online Learning.

As you know, we are always very happy to develop our processes and support our students, respond to feedback, and make our school the very best it can be.  Thank you to all the parents who have given such positive and proactive responses, regarding our online learning and live lessons, as well as our provision for vulnerable students and the children of Key Workers in school.   This will continue to help us to develop our provision, for example through developing further opportunities for live feedback from teachers, support for children’s wellbeing, and help for families with technology. We have also been reviewing our rewards, to ensure that, at this difficult time for everyone, we reward the effort and progress of all our students, taking into account the various challenges they may be facing.

Over the last 3 weeks we have awarded over 34,000 positive ClassCharts points and made over 1,500 phone calls to praise and encourage our students.  To ensure that we continue to support their hard work, and celebrate success we will from this week be additionally putting the following in place during the Lockdown period to ensure that we reward students for a wider variety of reasons, taking into account effort as well as progress and achievement:

  • Tutors will make a Positive Phone Call to every member of their Tutor Group over the next 3 weeks.
  • Celebratory emails to students for positive engagement.
  • Learning Stars awarded via ClassCharts with a congratulatory email weekly by all teachers.
  • Thank you cards emailed to parents and children in recognition of their commitment at this difficult time.
  • Continue Head of Year and SLT calls.
  • Virtual Badge Week – every teacher nominates 2 students in each of their classes for effort and progress.
  • Bonus ClassCharts Raffle – 20 Bonus points available to 20 students (randomly chosen) who have submitted work.

We are also reviewing, of course, how we negotiate our usual rewards of badges, certificates and Celebration Evenings, and will ensure that these happen in some form as soon as circumstances allow. The usual awards via ClassCharts of 100 Club, Best Behaviour Club, Good Attendance, Good Behaviour, Students of the Term (Tutor Group and Year Group) have already been allocated, and will be awarded again to cover this half term. We are also in the process of awarding the Attitude to Learning (ATL) points via ClassCharts, in recognition of Good & Outstanding ATL on the students’ recent reports.

Thank you as always for your support, which continues to improve our school, and help our students.  We appreciate very much the difficulties that online learning presents and recognise the effort made by all our families.  Please do take care and keep safe.

With our very best wishes,
Polly & Sarah

Polly Matthews                      Sarah Westwood
Acting Headteacher               Assistant Headteacher
Court Fields School               Court Fields School