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What do you study in History?

Year 7:

*What is History? A breakdown of the skills needed to study history from chronology to working out centuries

*The Tollund Man: What was the cause of death of this man found preserved in a bog?

*The Battle of Hastings 1066 and the Norman Conquest: Who were the three contenders for the throne and how did William the Conqueror change England once he became King?

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*Medieval Life: What was it like to live in a Medieval Town?  What was the religion of the time, what was medicine like, what were towns and villages like and what punishments did people face?

Year 8:

*The Tudors: learn about whether Henry was such a ‘great’ King, give advice to his final wife about, how and why did the religion change so much and decide whether ‘Bloody Mary’ deserves that title.

*Empire: learn about the first failed colony in Roanoke, the reasons for Britain having an empire, who benefited from the the slave trade and finally the British Raj and Indian being part of the empire.

*Industrial Revolution and 19th century living conditions: What was life like in Victorian Britain?  What were conditions like in a factory as a child-would you escape being mangled by a machine?  Would you be able to survive King Cholera?

Year 9:

*The Causes of WW1 and life on the Western Front: How did a cheese sandwich lead to WW1?  What was it like being a soldier on the Western Front?  Who were the November Criminals?

*Nazi Germany and the Holocaust: How was Hitler elected Chancellor of Germany?  What was life like in Nazi Germany?  How should we remember the Holocaust?

*The Cold War and Vietnam: What happened after WW2?  What is a ‘Cold War’?  Why did American lose in Vietnam?