Curriculum Intent

We want every child at Court Fields School to achieve their full potential, enjoy a strong sense of belonging and to participate fully in the life of the school and their community.

Learning does not happen unless students feel safe and secure, have positive, trusting relationships with adults around them and perceive these adults as being fair.

Ensuring students have emotional security to learn effectively will always come first in our school.

Our principles are that challenge is at the heart of every lesson for every student.

All lessons are characterised by high quality explanation and modelling, students are supported to practise until they become independent, and feedback and questioning are used strategically so that our students get the best learning experience in every lesson.

Every child has an equal right to a challenging and enlightening curriculum. By teaching our curriculum well, and developing effective learning behaviours, we bring out the best in everyone.

The curriculum at Court Fields School is aimed to provide a personalised experience, designed to meet the needs of all children.


Curriculum Offer

The subjects studied in Key Stage 3 (Three years) are:
English, Mathematics, Science, Spanish, French, Geography, History, Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education, Computing, Technology, Philosophy & Beliefs, PHSCE (Personal, Health, Social, Careers Education)

The subjects studied in Key Stage 4 are:
English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and PHSCE.

Children also have three further subject choices from the following list of subjects:

  • Science: Separate Science
  • Humanities: Geography, History,
  • Languages: Spanish, French,
  • Creative & Performing Arts: Art, Photography, Music (BTEC), Performing Arts (BTEC)
  • Physical Education: GCSE PE, Fitness & Exercise (OCR)
  • Technology: Computer Science, Creative iMedia (OCR), Design & Technology, Food & Nutrition
  • Health & Social Care (OCR)

Key Stage 3 – Years 7 – 9

Key Stage 4 – Years 10 – 11