The Careers Program at Court Fields School

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Moving on to the world of further studies and work may feel a long way off for our students, but it will arrive far more quickly than they realise, so it is important that they have support in preparing for this.  Our careers and futures program of support starts in year 7, developing their ideas of themselves, their interests and what they enjoy doing.  This is part of the PSHE program and subject specific links are made in lessons about how the skills and knowledge could link to later life.  This work continues through year 8 and into year 9 where students will receive support in choosing their optional courses in year 9, and planning their pathway after they leave us at 16.  This support will allow the students to make informed choices that are right for them.

From year 10 students are given a 1:1 interview with our careers adviser to guide them through the process of applying to college or post-16 training providers.  For many this will be an informal chat, but for those who need more support this can be a series of meetings with sessions tailored for their needs.  Parents are welcome to attend these but you will need to contact the careers adviser to arrange a time that is suitable for everyone.  The focus of careers in PSHE will move to writing applications, CVs and interview skills, ensuring they have the experience needed to approach these tasks confidently.

We want to ensure that the students at Court Fields School are aware of as broad a range of careers as possible.  If you feel that you could offer an insight into your profession then please contact the school.

If you need to contact the school about careers related matters please email the Careers Lead, Elly Hutchinson on [email protected] or call the school. Follow us on Twitter @CFSFutures for all the up to date information and tips.