Astronomy Day

On Wednesday 10th June Court Fields School hosted the annual Yr4 Astronomy Day for our primary feeder schools.  During the day there was an emphasis on the Moon, and there was a flour and cocoa powder haze over the school as the students discovered how impact craters were made. As well as many other activities during the day, they also became a living solar system complete with orbiting moons, destructive asteroids and mischievous comets!



Big Sing

On Wednesday 18th June just under 320 primary school students from Beech Grove, Langford Budville, Rockwell Green, Sampford Arundel, St. Johns, Wellesley Park and West Buckland joined the Court Fields School choir for The Big Sing. Students have been rehearsing with their teachers since April in order to learn all the songs for the morning and it was with great excitement that we all gathered in the Sports Hall at Court Fields for the climax of all the preparations. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Work had begun back in April when the primary school music coordinators met at Court Fields School to be taught the songs and techniques by Kirtsen Wordley from Somerset Music. Workshops were held in each school in the ensuing weeks and then we all gathered for the Big Sing on Friday 20th June. Parents and staff formed the audience and were treated to the sound of over 350 children’s voices singing a variety of music ranging from Native American Chants to All Together Now by The Farm. A highlight was the solo verses sung by the Court Fields Choir.

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Astronomy day

Last Friday, 29 gifted and talented Yr4 students from the local primary schools landed at Court Fields to take part in our annual Astronomy Day. During the day they learned all about the moon, viewed it through a telescope, and made some moon landers and a sundial. They then all became a huge human solar system, including asteroids and comets, which was so much fun we had to do it twice. After lunch they plotted out some star constellations on the inside of black umbrellas representing the night sky in June and then we all went out onto the playing field and launched two impressive rockets with a parachute recovery system to finish the day off with a bang!

astronomy 2