Model United Nations

A very successful Model United Nations mini-conference involving 70 students took place at the end of term. Year 10 students chaired three separate committees where disarmament human rights and health issues were debated.

Kitty Debieux from Year 8 describes the event…

Walking into Mr Jenkins’ room on the morning of Model United Nations, I didn’t know what to expect having already read and filled in the necessary sheets and forms for my given country, I knew vaguely of the event taking place, but not much else at all.

Only when I sat down at my delegated seat did I realise exactly what an exciting affair I was getting myself involved in.
Our debate topic had been given and we were given the time to produce some strong clauses for our arguments. Help was provided by some friendly and supportive Year 10 students, offering us individual advice.
Soon enough, the debate began and some powerful counter clauses were fired across the room. Students from all ages (Year 7-Year 9) were getting themselves involved, showing a wonderful display of tenacity and relentlessness. Also, you find yourself throwing a few words of controversy on the table, wanting to join in on the action.
The experience of Model United Nations, for me, was a wonderful one, (talking and debating are both right up my street!), and I would urge any student with the same passion to put their name down, and have a go at this fantastic opportunity. I for one, will certainly be putting my name down next year.

Grateful thanks to Queen’s College for lending us country placards.

Queen’s College Model United Nations 2014

Fourteen students from Year 9 to 11 attended the annual Queen’s College Model United Nations Conference to represent the diplomatic interests of our traditional choice of countries, Australia and Iceland. The day opened with a speech by Jeremy Browne MP before the real debating began, pausing only for the usual excellent lunch. In the afternoon the General Assembly debated the situation in Crimea and we were delighted that two of our delegates, Maddy and Ellie were commended and highly commended respectively for their contributions. Both teams were a great credit to the school, and we thank Queen’s College and especially the organizing students, Hobz and James for their hard work in making the day such a success.


Year 9 Model United Nations success at Queen’s College Taunton

Year 8 students stepped in to represent Court Fields at the annual Model United Nations conference for Year 9 students hosted by Queen’s College. (Year 9 were taking a GCSE Maths exam) Joining the entire Year 9 cohort of Queen’s College were teams from Castle School, Chilton Trinity, Heathfield and Taunton Academy.
Despite being a year younger than all the other participants, the Court Fields students did extremely well, lobbying persuasively and speaking articulately throughout the debates. At the end of the conference, Katie Drohan and Rhian Mitchell were Commended for their individual contribution to the committee debates and Catherine Vicarage was Highly Commended. Becky Gatling was voted Best Delegate. Representing Australia, the team of Karolina Thomas, Katie Drohan, Rhian Mitchell and Catherine Vicarage finished as runners up to the deserved overall winners, Castle School.

Year 9 MUN

Thanks to Queens College students and staff for their hard work in organizing Model United Nations and for kindly inviting us back for a second year. Anyone interested in taking part in future Model United Nations events should contact Mr Jenkins.

Model United Nations

Court Fields sent 4 delegations to the 2013 Model United Nations conference at Queen’s College, Taunton. Representing a range of  countries as diverse as Iceland and Iran, the students took the role of diplomats, researching global issues, writing resolutions and attempting to reach consensus through lobbying and formal debate.

With 250 delegates, spanning 6 Committees, and a General Assembly debate in the afternoon, the conference accurately replicates the language and procedures of the real UN. The majority of participants are from independent schools, and considerably older than the Court Fields students. Studying Economics and Politics at A level is something of an advantage! MUN is intellectually challenging and demands a high level of social skills and public speaking confidence. It’s also huge fun. The youngest participant was Lottie Radford from year 8 but special mention should be made of Ellie Griffin, who was Commended by her Committee Chair. I was delighted that every one of the Court Fields delegates spoke at least once!

There will be the opportunity for a small group of year 8 / 9 to take part in a junior MUN next term, so please see Mr Jenkins if you are interested. Huge thanks are owed to the students of Queen’s College for their considerable time and effort in organizing these events.