Madagascar Week

Thank you to all students, parents and staff who supported our Madagascar Week last week. Everyone has managed to raise over £1,600 and the money is still coming in!

During the week each house took it in turns to fundraise. We had cake sales, sponge the teacher, face painting plus lots of different competitions throughout the week.Monument walk

On Wednesday we held a Madagascar’s Got Talent Show with Micaela Sellick and Isaac Jones winning the competition singing ‘Grenade’. The show raised the amazing amount of £400! We finished the week with over 30 students and several staff taking part in the sponsored walk to the monument and back, carrying bricks and planks of wood. This is how children often have to walk to school each day using the bricks and wood as a seat or desk when they arrive.

We are very confident with everyone helping and hard work we will be able to raise the £10,000 needed to build a school in Madagascar. This will make a massive difference to the people of Madagascar and add to the three water projects we have already put in.

Madagascar 2016


All students at Court Fields School have been involved with fundraising for the people of Madagascar over the past few years.  Over this time students and staff have raised over £5,000!  This money has been spent on different water projects in Madagascar.  Last year we supplied a village with their own water supply which now provides water for in the region of 500 people.  Before this villagers had to walk many miles in order to collect water.

We decided that it would be a fantastic opportunity to take a group of students to Madagascar and actually help with one of the projects on the island.  Eight students are now working hard at fundraising in order to finance the trip, which will happen in the summer of 2016.  As each student has to raise £3,750 this is by no means a simple task as you can imagine.

All support is greatly appreciated!