Geography department Sicily tour: April 2013

The Geography department have returned from a brilliant trip to Sicily with a group of 31 GCSE geography students (and a couple of history infiltrators)


On the first day we set out from our base in Giardini Naxos to make the journey up Mt Etna in 4 wheel drive vehicles. Unfortunately the summit area was inaccessible due to heavy snow but we continued on foot to a point where we could see a small eruption in progress. A bitter wind encouraged us to turn back to the Rifugio Sapienza for a hot chocolate. Once fortified, the party split into two groups to investigate the Silvestri craters.


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Think inside the box

Year 7 students created a landscape of their choice, hidden inside a box, for a homework assignment as part of a unit of geography work. They showed great creativity and the landscapes ranged from a stunning portrayal of the Wellington Monument, to a bucolic rural scene in Finland, a frozen Norwegian glacier, and the ultimate urban monolith of the Burj Dubai.

Here’s a gallery of their work:

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