Computer Science Trip

On Tuesday 28/03/17 the Computer Science students from Yr10 and 11 went to Bridgwater and Taunton College for some enrichment workshops.  The first workshop was on bubble sort algorithms and using the programming language C++.  The second was on computer hardware where students worked in teams to completely take apart a desktop PC, removing every component including the RAM, motherboard, fan, power supply and optical drive and then rebuild it and test it.  The photo below shows Bethany Griffin, Sianne Chambers and Megan White working with the network technician from the College.




STEM day

DSCF1874 The Science Faculty at Court Fields recently organised a STEM day to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The theme of the day was based around the variety of science used in and around Hinkley Point Nuclear power station. The day started with some information about careers in EDF and apprenticeships that are available at Hinkley Point.

The focus was then placed on explaining the workings of a nuclear reactor and the importance of safety when transporting the uranium fuel rods. Students were set a task to design a vehicle that would be launch using a high pressure air pump. The vehicle would be carrying an egg and the task was to ensure that the design of their vehicle protected the egg and allowed it to travel the furthest. The designs had to be constructed following strict criteria, including a budget. Working in groups of five, the students spent two hours designing, building and testing their vehicles – with rubber eggs.

In the afternoon the competition began with the groups firing their rockets across the sports hall with boiled eggs as cargo. The competition was close but a few points separating the top five vehicles, but only the top three made it to the final, with the raw egg.  DSCF1875

All the finalists presenting their work and answered questions about their designs. In the final, group 4 took a commanding lead sending their egg safely over 15 metres. The other groups never caught up but did have safe landings for their cargo.

The champions were awarded their prize and all the eggs got home safely.



Green Fingers at Court Fields

bloom2Students at Court Fields School have been enjoying the challenge of looking after the School Allotment and their House Flower Beds.  As many as 14, Key Stage 3 students have been involved in projects throughout the Summer and Autumn months to encourage positive values such as resilience, communication, motivation and teamwork.


The students have been supported by the Friends of Court Fields Gardening Co-ordinator Steph Colman and former staff member Kay Alderman who have been giving up their time to assist the students during lunchtimes.  All 4 of the School Houses have been represented with their own separate House Beds to look after.  The School Allotment has produced an outstanding harvest with a bumper crop of strawberries, runner beans, onions and raspberries over the last 6 months.

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Snowdonia trip part two (underground)


After our successful ascent of Tryfan, the group returned to the base for hot chocolate and another delicious meal of sausage casserole prepared by Mrs Robertson. Everyone enjoyed an impromptu musical performance led by Chris and Casey that made us forget our aching knees! Unsurprisingly, everyone went to bed quite a lot earlier!

The next day we headed off to Rhiw Bach mine. Year 7 students Starr and Becky continue the tale…

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Snowdonia trip part one (overground)


The Outdoor Club has just returned from the annual Snowdonia trip. This year we were based in the Ysgol Latymer Centre, at the end of the remote Penmacho valley, with nothing but the distant popping roar of the cars on the World Rally Championship night stage in the hills above the Centre for company on the first evening. Replete with Mrs Robertson’s delicious chilli, the students entertained themselves with board games and popcorn before settling down for the night.

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Activity Days 2013

The last school week in July is when Court Fields students get the opportunity to do a wide variety of enrichment activities and this year the weather cooperated by being absolutely perfect. The staff provided a wide variety of interesting activities including: coasteering, climbing, surfing, canoeing, cycling, BMX, cooking, gardening, art project, DT project, equestrian, fishing, photography, local walks, multi-sports drama/music the Ardeche residential and many more.

Well done to all the students that took part, especially if you challenged yourself by doing something different that you haven’t tried before.
















Tyler with carp

Art Project


Yr7 camp