Year 7 Design Technology

Students at Court Fields Community School from left to right, back row and front row:Sam, Ben, Kyle, Joshua, Tim, Rohan, Kieren, George, Molly, Megan, Cameron, Rowan, Joseph, Bethany, Zara, Isobel, Bethany, Sophie, Emily and Caitlin.

Year 7 Students at Court Fields Community School show off their favourite BOOK marks.These year 7 students have designed book marks in a CAD/CAM project in Design Technology lessons with Mrs Osborne. They explored the design brief by researching the problem as well as deciding who will use their bookmark. They also considered where and how it would be used. They then learnt how to use a design program on the computer and then they were cut out of ply wood using the laser cutter.

They are all using their book marks in their favourite books, which they bring into school for quiet reading during tutorial time. Court Fields Community School is keen to support students extend their literacy skills to improve all areas of learning.




“I really like my book mark, it looks like something you could buy in a shop; the laser cutter cut it well and my design is really effective”.