School receives award for being a “Champion School”

NCS ( National Citizenship Service ) has recognised the commitment and support the school has given for promoting the NCS programme to its year 11 students. The school is one of only two schools in SomeNCS RB PCrset to have been given the award.  Paul Cowling, the schools Carers Adviser, says the NCS programme is a fantastic opportunity, which adds breadth and depth to a students life experience and is very please d to see so that 20 students have signed up for the 3 week programme this summer.Pictured are some of the students along with Ms Bennett, Mr Cowling and to colleagues from  NCS”

Useful Careers Websites

Below are a number of careers websites. Between them they contain:-


  • Information on a vast selection of careers, providing job profiles as well as skills and qualities needed, qualifications and training required.
  • Help support and advice on options, post 16 choices, personality quizzes, and how to start the process of finding out more about you and your career interests
  • Videos on a range of careers, apprenticeships, study, finance and going on to university.
  • Information on how to speak to a careers adviser  for general advice and guidance on the phone or online.

Have a look at them. They will help you in the decisions you will have to make, both now, and in the future.

See Mr. Cowling if you want any help with the information, or if there is something you cannot find, or if you would like to make an appointment to see him to discuss your future career.


  • – provides general information about choices at 16, apprenticeships as well as information on a variety of careers. You can also contact and speak to a Careers Adviser on the telephone or online. The service is free.
  • – A careers website for students, graduates  and school leavers, offering jobs, internships, advice and course information.
  • – a completely independent one stop shop for parents who want to understand the competing choices that are available to school and college leavers.
  • – A really good website. Get information on careers, build your own profile. Plan your route and explore the sorts of post 16 options that are available
  • – This is a brand new site provided by UCAS. Lots of  info  here for students and parents providing info and advice on a range of careers matters. Worth looking at.  NOTE -No point in searching and applying  for local courses at the moment – not enough local info on their system.
  • – another  really good website  offering a one stop shop for careers inspiration, preparation and guidance offering advice and information on a variety of  careers matters for 11 – 24 yr olds.
  • – provides information on selected careers and gives details of potential routes that you can follow to achieve that career path.
  • – everything you wanted to know about apprenticeships as well as details of current vacancies in a variety of occupational areas, both in Somerset and nationwide.
  •  — contains a huge selection of job profiles ( over 5,000) as well as other useful material including things like completing a CV.
  • – lots of different careers videos, information and help regarding exam revision and student finance. Take the “Buzz Test “ and find out what makes you tick !! A good site and definitely worth trying the buzz test.
  • – lots of videos covering different careers, apprenticeships and university.
  •  — various information on careers, education and student life.
  • a good source of student and school leaver careers and course information, including apprenticeships and other post 16 options.
  • produced by Barclays Bank, some useful information and interactive materials concerning careers in general and preparation for adult working life
  •  and  provide lots of information on  a huge variety of  jobs and careers that are available within the National Health Service.
  • A website providing information on the various careers  in social care.
  • a free interactive online tool exploring whether students are potentially suited to careers in care. Worth looking at and completing.
  • – a really good site for those that have a particular interest in science, technology, engineering and maths.
  •  For those interested in careers in the construction industry ranging from craft level jobs e.g. carpenter through to technician and professional careers eg surveyor, this is the site to visit. Contains a huge amount of really useful information. Definitely the site to visit if you want to learn and find out more about this massive industry and the careers that are on offer.
  • – Interested in a career using chemistry. Then this is the site for you.
  •  — speaks for itself. Contains information on careers where maths is the principal subject needed.
  •  a really good site providing lots of careers information covering the many different a diverse careers in engineering.
  •  Engineering is behind everything we do and use. This is another really useful website which will allow you to discover and explore the diverse range of engineering careers.
  • – general info about higher education, applying, costs involved etc. A good introductory guide
  •  the essential site if you are thinking about going onto university. Contains everything you need to know about applying, together with details of every degree available and where you can study it.
  •  — information on university, study, A levels as well as links to careers.
  •  mainly for students / young people aged 18 + who may have finished a college course and have decided not to go to University. Gives details and information about other training and work opportunities. May be some information here that is of interest to yr 10 and yr 11 students.
  •  a really good site for those that are interested in a career in sport and want to find out  more .
  •  — interested in careers in horticulture. This site covers areas such as plant science, business, production and food , heritage and conservation and more.
  •  – interested in a career in the catering and hospitality industry, then look at the info on this website.
  • – a website covering and providing information on financial  careers.
  •  –  go to beginners guide – provides lots of information for budding barristers , solicitors and para legal jobs eg legal executive.
  • – click on South West – provides latest news on careers related matters in the S.W. including vacancies


Speak to Mr Cowling if there is anything else you need to know or are unsure about.


P.A. Cowling                                                                                                  September 2014