Ski trip 2017

The arrival: We have arrived after a trouble free journey. Skis have been fitted and we’re about to explore the town. Snow and blue skies surround us. Tomorrow we hit the slopes for the first day (hopefully not too hard!)resort

Day one: Austrian skiing at it’s best. Warm sun and soft snow. Both the beginners and the intermediates have been making progress.The biggest casualty so far has been the poor bus driver who broke his nose slipping on the ice.


Day two: More sun, more snow and Miss Swannack did a jump! All the students are enjoying themselves, but there are a few aches and pains now. Most improved skier is Ellie Popplestone who moves up a group tomorrow.
The evening activities start tonight with a bowling match against Whitstone School.


Day three: Today the groups headed up the valley to the highest of the resorts, Zauchensee. Here the runs are longer and the mountain scenery even more dramatic.Progress was astonishing , especially the intermediate group who cut their time down the longest piste from 60 to 9 minutes. Tonight the aches and pains will be soothed by the swimming pool visit.

Day 4: Would you believe it? The bluebird skies continue and all the students are skiing with confidence. Biggest stars of the day are the Liddell twins who managed to support an elderly man who collapsed on an elevator, preventing him from a serious injury.This evening is pizza night, but very little will top the laser-lit swimming pool disco party from last night.

Day five: By now it will come as no surprise to learn that the weather was hot, everyone was skiing well and no injuries among the students to speak of.
What else can we mention..? Ah yes, the food has been amazing!
This will be the last update until we return to England because we are packing tonight and preparing for the traditional ski race tomorrow. The forecast is for…. SNOW!!!