Thank you Wellington!  We all had an amazing day on Saturday! Also a massive thank you to all the stall holders, staff, parents and students who made the Christmas Fair possible. The day raised over £3,000 for our school charity The Madagascar Development Fund. This money will go towards our next project.

Court Fields School has already raised more than £20,000! This has paid for three water projects and a school which we were also able to extend earlier this year. These projects would not have been possible without the time, hard work, compassion and generosity of everyone involved. We can truly be very proud of the difference we have all made to the harsh daily lives of the people in these villages in Madagascar.

We are hoping that our Christmas Fair will become an annual event as we continue to help Madagascar. Please contact the school if you would like any information or can offer any help or support for our fundraising.


We really couldn’t have done this without your support. and as always we greatly appreciate it.


We are looking forward to next year already!

View in high quality (PDF, 2.01MB)

* all proceed towards the Madagascar Development Fund