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Uniform Clarification

You will be aware from conversations with your son/daughter that we are clarifying our uniform policy to ensure all students look smart and you as parents can be clear about what type of skirts/trousers/footwear etc is acceptable from September. If you have any queries on the uniform, please do not hesitate to contact either your son/daughter‘s tutor or Head of House in the first instance. We want to create a more business like feel to our uniform and therefore all items should be formal in tone and not fashion items. Skirts are now available from www.trutexdirect.com, which meet the uniform specification.  The skirts are fully lined and taylored and are available in a full range of sizes and longer lengths to suit all heights. Changes in brief:

  •    Hoodies not allowed as an outdoor coat – waterproof pullover embroidered macs are available from www.trutexdirect.com
  •    Skirt lengths need to on the knee and formal/business-like in style.  tailored in style – www.trutexdirect.com  Please use the LEA code for registration which is LEA00635SC.
  •    Trousers need to be smart, tailored in style – Recommended supplier www.trutexdirect.com

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Uniform Letter

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