Ruby News – Celebration Breakfast

Ruby KS3 students have been rewarded with a celebration breakfast for their excellent attitude towards learning after a recent data collection from staff. The students achieved this reward through excellent class work, behaviour and homework. Mr Seaton would like to congratulate all the KS3 students invited to the breakfast, which as a great way in recognising their achievements across the school.

Year 7
Georgina Needs
Ethan Read
Sam Poole
Millie Baker
Briony Perry-Jones
Ben Slawson
Ellie Styles
Jasmine Maunder
Daniel Pearce
Amy Thorne
Abigail Muller
Shay Tipper
Amber-Jae Liddel
Acara-Lea Liddel
Year 8
Tom Fox
Chloe Walters
Sophie Read
Katie Reeves
Joely Dearman
George Hookway
Ella Cawte
Georgia Barrett
Kaylee Grundy
Rebecca Newberry
Matthew Ellis
Anita Seabourne
Harry Welsher
Tegan Webber
Katie Acton
Molly James-Stock
Mia Newberry
Shaella Power
Year 9
Abi Lockyer
Naomi Fielder
Bethany Griffin
Sophie Sines
Max White
Callum Glennie
Kye Tipper
Leah Waygood
Isobel Wilson
Ben Wilson-Smith
Connie Goodwin
Kieran Chivers
Joshua Thorne