Madagascar Week 2018

Court Fields School has had an amazing Madagascar Week! Staff, students and parents have raised over £2,000 in one week. During the week we had various activities happening each day, including sponsor silences, cakes sales, nail bar, quizzes, non-uniform day plus lots more.  The ‘Madagascar’s Got Talent’ show on the Wednesday, which was won by the fantastic trio of singers, Rebecca Watts, Elaine Robinson and Megan Leslie and finishing off on Friday with the annual sponsored walk to the monument and back. The student carried bricks and planks of wood as this is how the children in Madagascar often have to walk each day when they go to school. The children then use the wood and bricks for desks and chairs when they get to school.

With the money already raised this year we will now be able to pay for a classroom extension on the school which Court Fields has already paid for. This will mean that the older students will now be able to go to school nearer their homes and not need to walk long distances for their education, or carry planks of wood and bricks each day.

Over the past 9 years Court Fields School has managed to raise over £20,000! This has paid for three water projects and a primary school, which we will be able to build an extra classroom on this year. These projects would not have been possible without the time, hard work, compassion and generosity of everyone at Court Fields School. We can be truly proud of the differences we have all made to the harsh daily lives of the people in these villages in Madagascar.

Our next main fundraising event will be a Christmas Craft Fair, which will be held on Saturday 10th November, 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.  We are now taking applications from stall holders. Already we have had over 100 enquiries!  Please contact the school if you would like any information or can offer any help or support for our fundraising.

Thank you all, past and present staff, students and parents for this fantastic achievement.

Madagascar Week

Madagascar’s Got Talent

Last Wednesday evening a packed school hall was treated to an amazing amount of talent, brought to us by students at Court Fields. The acts were mostly vocal, and Daisy Gatling did a beautiful rendition of Under the Sea on her clarinet, which received huge applause.

Micaela Sellick and Isaac Jones sang and danced their way through Count on Me, Shannon Keeble and Leah Fudge sang accapela versions of Take Me Home and Someone like You. Haegan Power, Caitlin Baker, Ashley Payne, and Kaitlin Rood all sang with their heart
s and souls, receiving some great feedback from the 4 judges. The runners up were Chris Coupe and Josie Owen who did a beautiful version of Dancing on My Own, and the very deserving winner of the night was Alicia Hayes, who reduced some of the audience to tears with her rendition of When We Were Young, a truly memorable performance.

The evening raised over £450 which will go towards the school that is being built in Madagascar.

IMG_6682 IMG_6683
Alicia Hayes – Winner of Madagascar’s got talent Chris Coupe and Josie Owen

Madagascar Week

Students at Court Fields School have been busy fundraising all week for Madagascar.  They have organised a range of activities in order to raise as much money as possible to fund a primary school in Madagascar. Madagascar’s Got Talent was held on Wednesday and unfortunately the annual sponsored walk had to be cancelled due to the weather. It will now be held on Wednesday April 27th after school. During the week there were cake sales, raffles, a non uniform day and a penny jar collection which produced an amazing £1500 in one week!

The money which we have raised over the past few years now amounts to over £13,000.  We have provided three safe clean water projects to one school and two villages, helping several hundred people.  Thank you to all students, parents, staff and people of Wellington who have supported us in this very worthy cause.  Our aim now provide enough money to build a primary school.  Hopefully the primary school will be complete this summer. This is when our group of eight students who are going on expedition to Madagascar will be able to visit the school.

Thank you for all your support and hard work!

If anyone would like to help or support us in anyway please contact is school.