Battlefields of France & Belgium

On the 27th February to 2nd of March I was on a trip FWWCBTP Group photo 27 Feb representing Wellington and Court Fields School out to the battle fields and cemeteries in France and Belgium. This adventure all started in September 2014 when we were all invited to apply. It was all part of a government plan to educate students on World War 1 in the year of its centenary, sending two pupils and a teacher from each school that wished to take part. The hard work started weeks ago with lots of research on local soldiers. I was lucky enough to research a local solider called Tom Tarr whose family still live in the area. I was privileged to be invited to their home to view his medals, bible and letter from the king. This was important background to the trip which was a fun, educational packed 4 days.


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Castle building competition

The winning castle by Katie Reeves (Ruby) and Charlotte Ball (Topaz) – Motte and Bailey


Mr Alfano reports that there were 50 entries. Some fabulous ones didn’t even make the top 4 as the quality was so good (one even had real water in the moat – although it did leak!) There were lots of novel construction methods (from the 3rd place cake castle to ones made of pasta and even old baked bean cans)