Emerald House Celebration breakfast

Tuesday 9th June

49 Emerald House students were invited to a celebration breakfast in the Conference Room to recognize their excellent attitude to learning.

This is an achievement based upon student performance data, it is contributed to by each of their subject tutors and provides an average score to reflect their approach to lessons and their education.

Snacks and drinks were provided and prizes given to the top three students in each year group.

Students invited included:

Year 7 – Bethany Cook, Bethany Ellys Webb, Fox-Lang, Becky James, Adrian Adamiec, Chloe Harcombe, Ella Webber, Lillie Herbison, Samuel Phillips, Saffron Burrough, Chloe Cox, James Eva, Holly Tremlett-Marke, Yasmin White, Madison Trott, Holly Woollacott, Aaron Hill, Thomas Evans, Mollie Lamb-Lee, Harry Nixon and Carla Heal.

Year 8 – Megan Phipps, Megan White, Olivia M Jones, Patrick Messenger, Georgia McGrath, Madison Davey, Oliver Stewart, Nathan Brown, Jack Selwood, and Beanett Manlapaz.

Year 9 – Emily Horswell, Elizabeth Boyd, Anais Hendy, Jessica Cullen, Emma Shorney and Josie Kemble,

Year 10 – Bethany Channon, Sam Taylor, David Rye, Charlotte Russell, Bailey Hooper, Abi Merrell, Reanna Kierle, Grace Woolgar-Barton, Jordan Sellick, Daniel Woollacott, Khatu Mureri and Norton Selwood.

Year 11 Leave Courtfields School

Thursday 4th June

A wonderful atmosphere throughout the entire day, capped off with a superb assembly and farewells, although it was sad to see them leaving. We have been very lucky to have known you all.

Awards presented.

  • Best Attendance  – Krishel Satu
  • Most Cheerful student – Ozzie Smith
  • Biggest contribution to the house – Jasmine Pike
  • Head of house personal award – Phoebe Jones
  • My unsung heroes award – Charlotte Dennehy, Charlotte Manning, Lauren Gill, Lauren Candy-Thorne, Ellie Jones and Eliz Boga

I wish you all success in your exams and future plans. I am looking forward to celebrating with you at the Prom on Friday 10th July at the Oake Manor Golf course venue, where I am sure you will arrive spectacularly dressed in a wide range of vehicles and have a fantastic evening.