Yr10 Art trip to London

On Thursday 25/2/16 we headed off on our Art Gallery day trip early; 7:30 to be exact, and then we had a long bus journey ahead to London.  Once we were in London we firstly went to the TATE modern were all the modern day art is exhibited,  from huge sculptors to large expressive art paintings and photography. There were 5 different floors of which different types of art were separated in to categories. London seemed really vibrant and exciting, there were buskers on the street and even people blowing giant bubbles amongst the passers-by.Tate modern

After that we walked back to the bus were we got on and drove to the TATE Britain. Once we were at the TATE Britain we walked around drawing the art that we liked and discovering work from different ages and eras of art, this gave us a feel of how European art has changed over the years.

GCSE Art – London Trip 2015:

On Wednesday the 25th February, the Year 10 GCSE Art classes took a trip to London, and visited several art galleries which included: Tate Britain and the Tate Modern.  These art galleries gave us a unique opportunity to experience many different forms of art.  Our knowledge improved as we explored the galleries and saw works from artists such as Evelyn Dunbar, Philip Mercier and David Hockney.

The visit also gave us the opportunity to see a large variety of art styles such as modern sculpture, Cubist painting and pre-20th Century art.  Overall we enjoyed the unique experience and the opportunity to see the art which will help us during our GCSE Art course and provide us with lots of new ideas and ways of working.

art London 2015








Article by Jess Smith and Becky Cunningham.

TOG famous portrait

First place for the TOG famous portrait goes to Abi Merrell’s pastel portrait of Dylan O’Brian (Teen Wolf); Second prize Krishel Satu’s Hugh Kackson and 3rd goes to Ruby Fenn’s Che Guevara.

Art and design club

A group of students from Court Fields have been attending the Sorrell Saturday Art Club at Somerset College.  The Sorrell Foundation was set up in 1999 with the aim of inspiring creativity in young people and improving the quality of life through good design. The Saturday club aims to encourage creativity and careers in art and design and many club members go on to take a further education diploma, foundation or undergraduate courses in the arts. sorrell

The Court Fields students recently visited Somerset House in London to view an exhibition of their work and while there they were presented with certificates by Sir John and Lady Frances Sorrell.

Students: Josanna, Eliz, Ellie, Charley, Charlotte, Emily, Amber, Charlotte, Claire, Josie and Georgia

Anti-bullying competition

EMMA LANEThe winner of the Art and Design anti-bullying poster competition is Emma Lane from SA3.  The judges were particularly impressed with Emma’s work and her use of media and the peer parliament would like to use her ideas on a poster around the whole school.

Well done Emma!