Nurture Philosophy

The UNA Philosophy is widely used within the AFA with the belief that before attempting to change or develop a student’s behaviour, they at first, must be understood. The student’s presentation and needs will have fundamental and underlying issues that will require Understanding from staff. The AFA approaches the student with a collaborative technique in allowing the student to explain their concerns, worries or anxieties that result in a particular presentation of attitude or behaviour. Once an understanding is reached and agreed by the AFA staff and the student, the process of Nurturing the students presentation begins. Sometimes faster than others, the student will embrace the approach of the AFA and develop their skills towards a positive attitude for learning. As time passes the strong relationship formed between the AFA and the student allows a permanent and trusting Attachment to evolve, in some cases this attachment can last for years and the student’s security and sense of self within Court Fields is fully established.

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