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Curriculum Overview

The current Year 10 and 11 are following the OCR J253 syllabus.


 GCSE Business Studies (OCR exam board)

The course consists of three sections

  • Unit A291 Marketing and enterprise – 25% of the qualification.  Controlled assessment.
  • Unit A292 Business and people 1 hour exam – 25% of the qualification
  • Unit A293 Production, finance and the external business environment.  Candidates answer questions on a pre-release case study – 50% of the qualification.


What can you do to help?

Encourage your son/daughter to watch the news especially the more in depth economic coverage given by the BBC1 and Channel 4.  Encourage them to read the Business or Money sections of a weekend broadsheet paper such as the Times, Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, Observer etc.

Encourage then to watch business related TV programmes and documentaries.

Topics to discuss at home.

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Age, sex and race discrimination in the work place
  • Recruitment and motivation in the work place.
  • The role of Trade Unions
  • Functional areas of businesses, marketing, finance, human resources etc.
  • Business structure and line management
  • Competition and global markets
  • Supply and demand
  • Manufacturing
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary industry
  • Sources of finance
  • Cash flow and break even.


Head of Faculty – Mr Dickson

Business Studies Teachers – Mr Ogborne, Miss Murphy and Mr Dickson